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After spending many years accompanying sports clubs, federations or others structures, we decided to create Extraclub to meet the needs of your structure.

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Discover how to manage members with our sports club management software

Managing members

Knowing your members is essential, that's why you need to start collecting useful information today so that you can get the best of it tomorrow. Manage your members and analyze information efficiently using the section dedicated to members.


Discover how to manage the reservation schedule with our sports management software

Reservation schedules

You can manage facilities, gyms or even time slots and schedule various types of events. Having all the information ready and available has always been an essential factor for your club to work efficiently. The user-friendly reservation space will help you monitor and check your schedules thanks to a flexibility you've never seen before!


iPhone, Blackberry or Android reservation system

Mobile reservation

Your members deserve the best when it comes to services and interactivity. They will enjoy using the latest technology features as much as you will enjoy attracting new members. The latest mobile features are built in ExtraClub to meet your all members' needs.


Discover how to manage points of sale with our sports club management software

Points of sale

The points of sale of your organization are your pro shop, bar, refreshment area or restaurant. Once again, you can trust ExtraClub for its perfect monitoring and functioning. In addition, you can manage subscriptions, members accounts and rewards points while you manage members and reservation schedules. The shopping space will allow you to know precisely and at any time the states of all the sales and payments so you can manage your sport organization properly.


Get to know how our sports club management software works

How does it work?

ExtraClub is a "software as a service" (SaaS) which means it does not require any installation and that it is available from any computer connected to the Internet. So you can have access to your tools from home, your office, your phone or even on-site. Our team is constantly taking care of your software, thus ensuring a perfect service quality.


Privacy of our sports club management software


Your data belongs to you. You are, and will always be, the sole owner of your members' information. We are committed to ensuring the privacy and security of your data and we will never sell it to any third party.


Security and back up with our sports club management software

Security and backup

All access to your tools is secure. Personal authentication is required and each connection is stored. Also, your data is backed up live on several servers and saved every day on various locations. Security guaranteed!


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Discover the ExtraClub sports club management software in its version dedicated to fitness (clients, subscriptions, access control systems), futsal (reservation schedule, online reservation), golf (subscriptions, cash register, ProShop, Green Fee, Tee Times), squash (reservations, bar, shop, cash register), or tennis (reservations, members).