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There is no need to download or install anything. ExtraClub is an online service that only requires a subscription. With us, your activity is only sport. You can relax, our team of experts is constantly working on the software to ensure you get the best quality and security.

Always keep an eye on your club's activity thanks to your sports club management software

Always keep an eye on your club's activity

ExtraClub is an online software solution. It means that you can access it anywhere and at anytime, on any type of computer or smartphone, regardless of the number of connected users. Also, everything is stored on suitable servers so you don't need to buy expensive computers to run the software.

Privacy within your sports club management software


ExtraClub is a software solution provided by the StadLine Company which has been working with well-known clubs in the world of sport for many years. Each client has their own databases and remains the sole owner of their information. In compliance with French law, we do not sell your information and we are particularly careful about its security so you do not have to worry about it.


Security and backup within your sports club management software

Security and backup

You can trust ExtraClub: it is completely secure and constantly maintained by our team. Our policy is to back up all files and to be available for you as much as possible. Our team is working hard to deserve your trust because your trust is important to us. All your data is constantly copied on several servers and backed up every day on our data storage devices.


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ExtraClub, the sports club management software, works using an Internet connection or with an installation on a server at your club. So, you can watch your club's activity from any computer having an Internet connection. Our data management policy relies on privacy and security (automatic daily backup + duplication of data).