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ExtraClub is available in a version dedicated to the management of Squash clubs. After spending many years accompanying squash clubs, our software solution has improved and now has features that are specific to squash.

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A squash software built and designed with a squash club:

ExtraClub in its squash version was built and designed for the opening of the WAM squash club, managed by Jean-François Niciejewski, former National Technical Director of the Squash French Federation and Christophe Cornu, former president of the Nord Pas de Calais Squash League.


A squash software following the evolution of famous squash clubs:

Our squash club management software also improved thanks to feedback provided by the Saint Cloud Squash club, lead by the president of the Squash French Federation. Other squash clubs including the Oxygène club, the squash club in Amiens, Saint Quentin or even QG Sports use ExtraClub to manage their squash clubs and take part in its constant improvement.


All the following functions were created thanks to the advice of owners of squash clubs:

Squash software solution: member management


Manage members:

Create custom member profiles. Take pictures with your webcam to add a picture to their profile. Analyze your members' activity. Use marketing tools (send newsletters, reminders, birthday messages, direct mailing ...). Your clients are the most important part of your squash club: get to know them thanks to statistics and earn their loyalty, present them custom offers and boost the activity of your club during off-peak hours.


Squash management software: shop, refreshment area and snack bar management


Manage your shop, snack bar or refreshment area:

Managing sales, batch payments, products, cash registers and drawer closings is made easier thanks to our squash software. It helps you analyze your turnover, take your inventory and make the decisions that will improve your profitability.


Squash management software: subscription plan management


Manage subscription plans:

You can think of any type of subscription plan depending on your type of clients: for students, for members, for people who want to pay per game, or buy a 10-game book... ExtraClub will automatically determine the price to be paid by each client according to his or her status, so collecting the payment is much easier.


Squash management software: squash court reservation


Manage reservations:

You can use any means to allow your clients to reserve, for instance, at the front desk, on a terminal, over the phone, via Internet or iPhone... Easily solve last minute cancellation problems. You can adapt your prices according to the peak and off-peak hours or to the type of member... and you can also export statistics so you can make decisions to improve your management.


Squash management software: website, electronic banking, and access control system


Other functions available:

Website, access control system, electronic banking, special projects...ask us for solutions!.


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Squash club software solution including member management, snack bar and shop management, subscription plan management, reservation and cancellation management of squash courts.