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Two ways to enjoy ExtraClub

Pay per unit

Pay as you go
You only pay for what you use.

The rule is simple: you only pay for what you use. The pay-per-unit system allows small and medium sport organizations to enjoy all the services offered by ExtraClub for less.

Premium Subscription

Use all the features and keep your peace of mind.

Enjoy using ExtraClub by taking a monthly subscription. You can take advantage of all the services available on ExtraClub with no restriction and no worries. You can also easily foresee your expenses and your budget is under control.


Need equipment ?

Do you need to equip your sports club with access control systems? Would you like to have custom smart cards bearing the colors your club? StadLine can provide all the equipment you need: access control systems, electronic cash registers, touch-screen terminals for reservation...


Specific services

StadLine, the company that created ExtraClub, can help you if you are planning to switch from paper to computer to manage your sport organization. ExtraClub can also interact with the software you are currently using and we are here to help!

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ExtraClub is provided in 3 different forms. Clubs can subscribe a monthly subscription for an unlimited use so they can plan their budget, or clubs can take a units package and save money as they only pay for what they use. Clubs can also request a quote if they need help and support in building or adapting a specific ExtraClub in their club. You can discover the software for free thanks to these videos or even test it for cheap.