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Whether you belong to the sports world, or are an equipment manufacturer, a retailer, etc. and wish to improve your services by offering new ones to your clients, you can become partners with ExtraClub.

Why should I become a partner?

The idea is very simple: you have clients and we have the product which fulfills one of their needs. Let's find a solution which benefits all of us! You suggest that your clients use the software and we will share a percentage of the sales with you. Your client is satisfied because he has a new product which meets his needs. You get a percentage of the sale. We have a new client. We all win!


We'll help you promote our services

As partners, we'll provide a demo access to our software, demo videos and brochures or leaflets. We can also lend you equipment (posters, roller, etc.) and, if necessary, our team will help at professional fairs. Finally, we will help you insert the ads for our services on your advertising material (magazines, website, etc.).


What are the terms?

If a club adopts ExtraClub thanks to your recommendation, we will give you a 15% commission on either that club's first-year membership fees or on the total cost of any specific project development they may request.


Who are our partners so far?


Here are some websites of the ExtraClub partners

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Become partners with ExtraClub: spread the word about our sports club software solution to your clients using the material provided by StadLine and get a commission on the sales carried out thanks to you.