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You can sign up for a standard ExtraClub monthly subscription to access all services. Thanks to it, you can enjoy the club management software completely, with no restriction and no worries.

You can easily subscribe to the ExtraClub Services, there is no minimum contract length.

The monthly subscription allows you to use all the services offered by ExtraClub while controlling what you pay. There is just a single price and you can unsubscribe at any time with no extra fee. You can change plans according to how you use services.



Control what you pay and enjoy the full use of ExtraClub.

249 /mo (tax excl.)


Enjoy all the functions of ExtraClub with no restriction:

Member management
Member management:
UNLIMITED creation of members
Reservation schedule
Reservation schedule:
UNLIMITED reservations
Points of sale
Points of sale:
UNLIMITED creation of tickets

Your Questions

What if I don't subscribe at the beginning of the month?

The unlimited package starts on a specific date and ends one month later. For instance, if you subscribe on September, 15th, it will last until October, 14th. Then, you will need to buy a new package.


I will not use ExtraClub for 3 months, do I need to renew my subscrption anyway?

No.If your club is closed during the holidays and if you don't need to use ExtraClub during this particular time, you don't have to renew your subscrption. Your data will be stored. However, you will not be able to use the software solution at all as long as you do not buy a new unlimited package (or buy units). It means that if you need to print accounting documents, for instance, you will not be allowed to do it unless you renew your subscription. Your data is stored for one year.


No contract?

If ExtraClub does not suit your needs, you are free to stop using it. But before you go, please let us know why you are leaving. We can certainly help you or provide an answer to a problem you might encounter. Do not hesitate to contact us for an online training session. On-site training sessions are available, too, based on a quotation.


I would like to switch from an unlimited subscription to a units package.

it's very easy. Simply select a units package instead of an unlimited subscription when your subscription is over.


I am not a client of ExtraClub yet and I would like to subscribe.

You can register online. You only need to fill in the form to provide some information we need to open your ExtraClub. For instance, we need a valid e-mail address. Finally, choose your first package or unlimited subscription and pay online.

Your ExtraClub will be ready in the following 48 hours.

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You can enjoy ExtraClub, the sports club management software, in its version dedicated to Fitness, Futsal, Golf, Squash, or Tennis thanks to a monthly subscription allowing you to use it with no limitation and no minimum contract length; so there are no bad surprises by the end of the month! Try out with an S package and enjoy the software almost for free before making up your mind.