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The rule is simple: you only pay for what you use.
ExtraClub offers a wide range of services but you are the one who is in control so, unlike other standard software solutions, you will not see unnecessary extra fees appearing on your invoice.

Buy units or refill your account with our packages:


30 units

The best way to get started or to adjust your consumption.

Excl. tax


750 units

Save money when you use the service and control your budget.

Excl. tax


1,500 units

The best way to save money if you use ExtraClub a lot!

Excl. tax


ExtraClub takes away units when you are using it following these simple rules:

Member management
Member management:
1 unit per person added
Reservation schedule
Reservation schedule:
1 unit per reservation or collective fitness class
Point of sale
Points of sale:
1 unit per ticket created

Your Questions

If there is a service I don't use, do I pay anything for it anyway?

Not at all. Units are taken from your account only if you use a service, according to the previously mentionned rules.

Is there a time limit to use the units?

You need to use the units within the year of their purchase.

What happens when I run out of units?

First, when you have very few units left, you start getting warning emails.
When you have run out of units, the use of ExtraClub is blocked. Remember that units are taken from the accounts every night so the service will never be stopped while you are using it.

What happens to my data if I run out of units?

Your data will be stored for a year so it will not be lost and as soon as you buy more units, you will get everything back.

Can I use several packages at the same time?

Sure you can! These will credit your account with the number of units contained in each pack.

Can I switch to an unlimited plan if I already have units?

Of course! If you switch to an unlimited plan, you will have an unlimited access to all the services of ExtraClub. Once you decide to stop your unlimited plan, you will get the units you had purchased back and they will be taken from the account as you use the service.

How do I register for the ExtraClub services?

It is very easy to subscribe. You will only need to provide some information on your sports organization, choose an Internet address for your ExtraClub and give a contact email address. . . and that's it!

How can I pay?

When you buy a package, you can safely pay online using your credit or debit card (Visa), by money transfer or by check. All of this will be explained in detail as you make the payment.

How can I get an invoice for my purchase?

Once you have registered on ExtraClub, you have access to your customer account where you can refill your account with units or download your invoices.

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The sports management software ExtraClub offers a pay-per-unit mode: you only pay for what you use! Try out first with an "S" package and enjoy all the feature of the software almost for free so you can make up your mind. Fitness, Futsal, Golf, Squash, Tennis or even multisport clubs, whether small or large, needing a free and efficient software solution, our prices can fit your use.