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ExtraClub is software provided by the StadLine Company, an expert in sport-related software. We are aware of your problems and issues thanks to our long-lasting experience and commitment towards people involved in the sports world.

StadLine - Building computing solutions for the world of sports StadLine - Sports world specialist

StadLine, a company devoted to sport

Since it was created in 2004, StadLine has been continuously working with major people belonging to the world of French sport. Clubs, leagues and federations trust StadLine because we meet their needs with our professionnal management tool.


StadLine - Creator of the sports club management software adapated to your club

A serious and long-lasting software

Today, you are looking for management software for your sport organization which is secure and efficient. Maintained by a strong company and a team that is constantly devoted to answering your questions or solving your problems, ExtraClub is the long-lasting and secured software designed to manage your club.


  StadLine - Providing the best software solution for your sports club

Dynamism and reactivity

StadLine is the essential partner in the sports world. Our dynamism and reactivity have always been a major asset in all the projects we have led or will lead.


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ExtraClub is a software solution created by the StadLine company, specialized in the world of sports. Our experience working with clubs, leagues, committes, and federations since 2004 shows that our company is serious and long-lasting and that we can also understand what your needs are. Knowing the worlds of fitness, golf, futsal, squash, tennis or sports clubs in general allows us to offer a sports club management software adapted to your sport. The StadLine key values are dynamism and reactivity.