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ExtraClub is available in a version dedicated to the management of futsal clubs. After spending many years accompanying futsal clubs, our software solution has improved and now has features that are specific to futsal clubs.

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A futsal software solution built to meet the needs of ExtraClub clients wishing to improve their clubs:

The tremendous rise of futsal led many ExtraClub clients to offer this new activity within their clubs. So, ExtraClub has naturally been adapted to the management of Futsal clubs.


ExtraClub: a futsal software solution:

It was first used by multisport structures such as WAM in Lille, Club Oxygène, or ASC Squash... Our futsal software solution has afterwards been adapted to fit the use of clubs dedicated to Futsal only like Planet Foot in Lille or Planet Foot in Brussels. The basic features of our futsal management software are increasing thanks to the requests of our clients. If your futsal club has specific needs, our team can develop solutions to improve your ExtraClub.


A futsal software solution which evolves along with futsal clubs:

The basic features of our futsal management software are increasing thanks to the requests of our clients. In so doing, each futsal club takes part not only in the evolution of its own ExtraClub but also in the evolution of the futsal software solution of many other clubs.


All the following functions were created thanks to the advice futsal club owners:

Futsal software solution: member management


Manage members:

You can decide which information you want to find on your members' profiles, study their activity and consumption, or even use the marketing tools (such as creating newsletters, direct mailing...) in order to send specific offers, reminders when your member's subscription is almost over or when he or she has not come to the club for a long time. This will help you boost your futsal club's activity.


 Futsal club software solution: subscription plan management


Manage subscription plans:

You just need to find the right offer. ExtraClub can adapt to any form of subscription you might want to implement: Student subscription, Standard subscription, Pre-authorized subscription, Pay-per-class, 10-voucher books, Special price for each player... and it will help you with the payments.


Futsal software solution: shop, snack bar or refreshment area management


Manage your shop, snack bar or refreshment area and even seminars:

Making profit thanks to your snack bar / refreshment area is a key to success. Using the functions designed to manage inventories, products, cash registers, drawer closings of our futsal software solution will guide you in the analysis of your turnover and optimize the profitability of your club.


Futsal software solution: futsal reservation


Manage reservations:

Employees at the front desk will no longer have to deal with reservations because members can reserve themselves thanks to ExtraClub, via a terminal, Internet or an iPhone. Avoid last-minute cancellations with predefined rules. Plan ahead the use of your fields for groups. Adapt your prices according to peak hours and subscription plans. Use all the dashboards to adjust your offer, your prices and the schedule of your employees... that is to say all the important decisions.


Futsal software solution: website, electronic banking


Other functions available:

Website, access control system, electronic banking, special projects... ask us for solutions!.


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Our Futsal club management software includes the member management, the shop and restaurant management, the subscription management, the reservation management.