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When managing the points of sale of a sport organization, you need to take into account the concepts that are part of the sport world. That is why ExtraClub is equipped with the best tools in order to provide a specific solution to manage the pro-shops, bars and restaurants of your sport organization.

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Customize points of sale with your sports club management software

Customizable points of sale

ExtraClub allows you to manage all sales with a single tool which adapts to YOUR habits! ExtraClub's "Point of Sale" tool can manage several points of sale, whether you sell the same products or not, or have joint or individual inventories.

Manage your clients' positive and negative balances with your sports club management software

Manage your clients' positive and negative balances

Every day, sport organizations are faced with members who cannot pay. This is why ExtraClub provides a tool which enables you to manage your clients' balances. You can monitor negative balances, so that you always know what is going on.
The points of sale also allow you to manage positive balances, negative balances and prices using the local currency but you can also setup a system of points or units.


Live information on sales and payments with your sports club management software

Live information on sales and payments

You can have information on the points of sale at any time by counting or closing the drawer out thanks to a specific tool, so you know everything about the sales you made and the payments you received. Moreover, a powerful statistics tool will allow you to answer all questions you have about the management of your sport organization. It will also give an overview of the evolution of sales, payments by product, product family or type of member on a yearly or monthly basis, and even more...



Other features of the points of sales:

  • Managing the sales of members' subscriptions
  • Managing tickets linked to reservations
  • Managing joint positive and/or negative balances
  • Interfaces suitable for touch screens
  • Closing the drawer out
  • Managing vouchers
  • Managing inventories
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Manage subscriptions, vouchers, ball dispensers, reservations, Green Fees, and products. You can also enter sales and payments, close your drawer out, analyze statistics, and manage inventories. This point of sale management software is designed for sports clubs in general but also for fitness centers, golf, tennis, squash, or futsal clubs.