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Managing sports facilities and their schedule requires adopting strict organization. It can also become a nightmare if the tools you are using are not well-suited. With ExtraClub, you will not have to worry because it is so much more than just a schedule.

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Customize the reservation schedules of your sports club management software

Customize your reservation schedules

With ExtraClub, you can setup resources, and it's not the only thing! You can customize every single reservation feature: time periods, rush hours, opening hours, holidays, prices, time slots, limits...
Everything can be pre-programmed and you can decide whether you want to use all these features or not.

Offer a 24/7 online reservation system with your sports club management software

24/7 reservation service

With ExtraClub, you can open all or just a part of time slots to online reservation. So, if the members respect the rules or limitations what have been defined, they can make their own schedule. You save time and you earn your members' loyalty.


Analyze reservation statistics thanks to your sports club management software

Analyze reservation statistics

Reservation schedules give a lot of information on the members' habits and, if you want your schedule to work, you need some distance to be able to analyze it. ExtraClub provides a very efficient tool to generate exhaustive statistics allowing you to make decisions based on the number of previous reservations.



Some other features of the reservation schedules:

  • Manage periodical reservations
  • Manage multi-resource reservations
  • Drag-and-drop intuitive schedule
  • Manage guests and partners searches
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Reservation schedule adapted to each sport: futsal, indoor soccer, golf, squash, tennis, multisport clubs. There are 4 ways to reserve: at the front desk, over the phone, online or using a terminal with the ExtraClub reservation management software. Members can reserve time slots (or Tee times). Your schedule is constantly updated and adapts to the size of your screen regardless of how many resources, courts or courses you have.