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Knowing your members is essential. The quality of the relationship with your members depends on how well you collect and analyze their information. The ExtraClub space dedicated to member management is the solution.

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Customize the membership management of your sports club management software

Customize how you manage members

You are the one who knows best what information is relevant to your sport organization. ExtraClub offers flexibility and power. You can choose what information appears on your members' profiles and many tools will help you analyze this information.

Communicate easily with your members using your sports club management software

The easiest way to communicate

Save time and make communication easy by targeting members: You don't need to send Youth Tournament dates to adults, right? ExtraClub makes it so easy that you save time: the "Manage members" section will prepare emails and send them for you. So, the only thing you need to focus on is sport!


Analyze and export your data using your sports club management software

Analyze and export data

With ExtraClub, you can analyze data the way that is the most efficient for you. Whether you need statistics on the population of your sports organization, or need to create sorted lists, or even to export all or a part of your members to Excel, the software provides a powerful tool that is able to sort information and meet all your needs.



When managing members, you can also...

  • Launch a quick search for a member
  • Allow users to take a picture using their webcam
  • Manage families and companies
  • Manage groups of members
  • Manage rankings
  • Manage the members' subscriptions
  • Merge and purge profiles
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The ExtraClub member management software helps you deal with subscriptions, members' details and information relevant to your club, tools for sorting and exporting data, searching information, communicating via email or paper mail. This sports club management software is made for fitness, golf, squash, futsal, or tennis clubs, and sports clubs in general.