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With ExtraClub, manage tee times and Green Fee reservations easily.

Reserve Green Fees via iPhone, Internet or reservation systems

Reserve Green Fees

With ExtraClub, you decide how your golfers can reserve their tee times. On the ExtraClub dashboard, choose how your members can reserve their tee times: they can do it online or use the iPhone application. The choice is yours.

You can also decide whether to open the online reservation system to casual golfers. To meet your needs, we can setup ExtraClub to interact with green-fee reservation systems so that you can satisfy both your clients and casual customers.

You can also decide what options can be reserved along with the tee time such as renting a golf cart or set or half sets of golf clubs.


Manage the tee time schedules

Manage the tee times schedules

The schedule management tool of ExtraClub was designed specifically for golf clubs following the advice and feedback of our clients and people of the world of golf.

ExtraClub allows you to see your schedule live. You can see all the details linked to your reservation with just one click: round of golf (9 or 18 holes), selected options (rented equipment or cart...) or even the status of the golfer(s) (member, guest, VIP...).

Browse through your schedule quickly and easily so you don't lose track of what is happening in your club and you stay in control.


Golf management software Compatible with Federations' software solutions

Compatible with Federations' software solutions

In its French version, ExtraClub will soon be fully compatible with the software solution used by the French Federation of Golf. The ExtraClub team is waiting for the Federation to build the interface to implement new services into our software solution. This means that ExtraClub can also be compatible with the software solutions used by federations or associations in other countries.


Organize the schedule of your professional golfers

Organize the schedule of your professional golfers

ExtraClub is the tool you need to manage your professional players and instructors. Our software solution allows you to organize efficiently the schedule of your club and of professional players. Thanks to ExtraClub, the front desk of your club doesn't need to manage the schedule of your pros. Indeed, the schedule of the professional golfer is managed separately and members can reserve tee times according to the pro's availability.

With ExtraClub, everyone can practice golf in harmony!


Golf software managing ball dispensers on the practice tee area

Get the best of your practice tee area

Is your club equipped with a practice tee area? ExtraClub will help you make profit on it and attract new clients. ExtraClub can also be used to control ball dispensers. Setting up an electronic system linked to ExtraClub allowing the use of ball dispensers thanks to smart cards will allow you to manage all this easily as well as getting detailed statistics on their use.


Access control system and Golf security

Access control system

Putting up an access control system using smart cards is the best solution to secure the access to your facilities. Gates, parking lot, clubhouse, lockers and locker rooms... ExtraClub controls the entries and use thanks to the use of smart cards. In addition, if you decide to use this system, these smart cards will not only be access cards but they will become payment cards as well: a convenient solution to pay for the practice tee area, the green fees or to pay at the pro shop.

Click and watch ExtraClub, the golf software solution in action.
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Tee time reservation software: Online reservation, schedule management, Green Fee reservation. Compatible with RMS Clubs (formerly Elka), the Golf software used by the French Federation.