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ExtraClub helps you manage contributions and golf seminars as well as your Pro Shop, hotel or restaurant so you can master everything. Get our golf software solution as a marketing tool but also to manage your sales!

Target the needs of your golfers and adjust your prices

Communication and marketing in our Golf software solution

Communication and marketing for your golf

ExtraClub provides detailed statistics on the habits and consumption of your members and clients. It will help you know your golfers so you can send them relevant offers.

Today, with the rise of social networks, Internet users are used to get information easily; they don't want to look for it. Communicating with your golfers has become a significant issue. ExtraClub provides tools to help you manage your relationship with your clientseasily. Our software solution can assist you while creating a newsletter and send it. ExtraClub can also send text messages to your members. Traditional mailing is not left aside either! These marketing tools will help you communicate and share what's new in your club as well as send special offers to your golfers.

Golf management software: Manage calls for contribution

Manage your calls for contribution

Organizing a call for contribution can be long and tedious. Now, ExtraClub does it for you! To make things easy, ExtraClub automatically generates the call for contribution. There is also an online payment function available! Thanks to this option, your golfers can pay for their fees online so you don't waste time: no more waiting at the bank to cash your checks.

And, you won't miss anything! With ExtraClub, you can see who already paid their subscription and send reminders to those who forgot.


Manage the ProShop, restaurant and hotel of your Golf with our Golf management software


Manage your selling activity (Pro Shop, restaurant, hotel...)

Pro Shop:

Does your golf have its own shop? The ExtraClub software solution will help you deal with every aspect of the activity of your Pro Shop. Thanks to it, administrating your Pro Shop has never been so easy! Optimizing inventories, following the sales, managing cash registers... It's all included in ExtraClub!

Restaurant: (possible extension)

In ExtraClub, the drawing up of the menus of your restaurant is supported. With our software solution, you can follow up all the activity of the restaurant, from orders to bills and payments. Fast and easy, this tool provides advanced statistics options. Want to know the average price paid by your clients at your restaurant? No problem! Want to know the average number of clients according to the date? Done! This function allows you to adjust your offer and best suit the needs of specific clients.

Hotel: (possible extension)

If your golf club is part of a hotel resort complex, we can adapt ExtraClub to work with the software solution you are using to manage the hotel.


Watch the demo videos of ExtraClub, the golf club management software.
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ExtraClub Golf Management Software: Discover the marketing tools and all the elements you need to manage your business activity.