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Using the best of technology and Internet to meet the needs of your golf club

A constantly evolving Golf management software: updates and community

Users' community

ExtraClub for golf has been built by professionals. Each request, each suggestion made to improve the software solution is taken into account. The advice of our users is important. If we get the same suggestion several times from different users, we do our best to build this new feature and make it available to everyone at no extra cost. This is the strength of the ExtraClub community.


We also consider specific requests so we can adapt ExtraClub to the needs of the golf clubs that chose our solution.


A Golf software compatible with the sofware solutions used by federations and associations

Software solutions used by federations and associations

In its French version, ExtraClub will soon be fully compatible with the software solution used by the French Federation of Golf. As soon as the French Federation of Golf allows this process, ExtraClub will be able to retrieve the list of golfers registered at the Federation (or members of the association) or to reserve a competition.


If you need more information, please read this article (in French).


Golf software solution available online (Full Web version) or on a local server (Offline)

How does our software solution works?

ExtraClub supports two different technical solutions:


Full Web version


Our software solution is a SaaS (Software as a Service) so you just need an Internet connection and a browser (such as Mozilla Firefox) to use it. It also allows you to use ExtraClub at any time with any computer, from your club's front desk to your home. Using ExtraClub on several computers at the same time has never been so easy because there's no installation required. Pretty convenient for the front desk, the Pro Shop, etc.


Thanks to frequent backups on our servers, your data is secure.


Local-servers version (available after estimation)


Our software solution can also be used on a local version. This specific solution, which is available after estimation, is the best option if your golf club does not have a fast internet connection speed. In that case, all information is stored and backed up on a server installed within your facilities.


This version will allow the ExtraClub users (golf staff) to use the software solution. However, if you wish to open up services to members (for instance, online reservation, directory and search for partners), the quality will be affected because data will be sent via your own connection.

Watch the demo videos of ExtraClub, the sports club management software.
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The ExtraClub Golf management software is compatible with RMS Clubs, the software solution used by the French Federation of Golf. Our software is available in Full Web version, that is to say using an Internet browser, requiring no installation, and in local version.