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In order to guide you best, ExtraClub was developed using the latest innovations. ExtraClub, the best of computer science for your fitness.

Fitness software solution: Evolution and updates

A fitness software solution which is constantly evolving

ExtraClub in its fitness version was designed according to the requests of fitness centers. We take into account all the feedback provided by our users. We consulted many fitness center managers to know what their needs were and we listened to their requests carefully.


We keep record of all the requests and suggestions made by the ExtraClub users' community. If one of these requests is frequently repeated, we will ask our team of engineers to develop and implement this new function into the next ExtraClub update so that all our users can enjoy it at no extra cost.


We are also at your service for special projects to adapt ExtraClub to your needs.



Fitness management solution available online (Full Web) or on local servers (Offline)


How does ExtraClub fitness work?

Our fitness center management software can be provided in two different ways.


Full web version


This is the technical choice we recommend. ExtraClub is a “Software as a Service” solution. It means that you can use it thanks to an Internet browser. ExtraClub is optimized for Mozilla Firefox.


The major asset of this technical choice is that, thanks to your username and password, you can access ExtraClub anywhere, anytime from any computer.


No file is stored on the computers you might use to log in to our solution. Moreover, your data is saved on our servers so you can't lose it.


Local-server version (sales quote)


If your fitness center does not have an Internet connection that is fast enough, we can also give you an estimate of costs to install a server within your facilities so you can store the ExtraClub data.

In this case, you will be able to use ExtraClub at your fitness center at the best of its performances but your members may have issues to access online reservation because data will be sent from your Internet connection.

Discover ExtraClub, our fitness center management solution
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The ExtraClub software solution for fitness is updated frequently. All these updates are available for free if you are an ExtraClub client.