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To carry out your project and get the best of your fitness center management software, both our teams of engineers and salespeople will provide you with help and support.

Support in the implementation of your fitness software solution

Implementation of your fitness software solution

In order to optimize the transition between the solution you are currently using and ExtraClub, we will retrieve all data to integrate it into your new fitness software solution.


There are also workshops available to train your staff on how to use the ExtraClub software solution so you can get the best of all its functions and use it to optimize your management.


And, during your first month of use of ExtraClub, you will have the priority over all the other users on the hotline service so you can get help fast. Thanks to this custom support, you have all the tools to start using your fitness software solution at its best.


Hotline and online help for your fitness center management solution

Hotline and support


The ExtraClub team, which is composed of engineers and salespeople, is working hard to be available and responsive for users.


Available 24/7:

-          Exhaustive online help

-          E-mail support

-          Phone support (We promise to call you back within an hour in case of emergency)


Suitable methods: we take control of your computer

In order to show you how to use the fitness version of ExtraClub at the best of its possibilities, we use a software solution enabling us to take control of your computer.


Evolution and updates of your fitness management solution

Constant evolution

When you choose ExtraClub, you choose a software solution that is in constant evolution. It benefits from regular updates meeting the needs of our users' community. The ExtraClub updates are available to everyone for free!

Discover the video demonstrations of our fitness management software solution ExtraClub
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The ExtraClub teams are available 24/7 to help you online or via our hotline for your fitness center management solution.