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Subscription, shop, emailing... ExtraClub is the complete solution you need to manage your fitness center!

Fitness software: Marketing tools, e-mailing, text messages, direct mailing, targeted offers


Communication and marketing for your wellness center

With ExtraClub, stay close to your clients! Thanks to the detailed statistics provided by our management software solution, you will know everything about the consumption habits of your clients. You can take advantage of this information to send them targeted offers.


Today, with the dramatic increase of the use of Internet and instant communication, it is crucial to keep in touch with your clients. ExtraClub includes communication tools to easily manage your relation with your client. With ExtraClub, you can send emails to your clients (newsletters), text messages. You can also send direct mailing, too!

Thanks to these features, ExtraClub will become your favorite tool for marketing.

Fitness software: Financial management, payment management, online payment, cash register management


Financial and payment management

The financial management of a fitness center can be complicated. It may take a lot of time, too. Fortunately, ExtraClub takes your needs into account to guide you in the financial management of your fitness center.


To make the payment of members' subscriptions easier, ExtraClub allows you to use the e-payment. To avoid direct debit which require special authorizations and bank information, we can implement a function allowing your clients to pay online, on your website, using their credit or debit card. This function will make the payment process easier for you and your members!

Fitness software: Management of the schedule and of group classes


Easily manage your schedule, optimized for fitness centers

The fitness version of the ExtraClub schedule was specifically designed to meet your needs. Manage the reservations of your members easily, as well as for walk-in customers, thanks to our system which centralizes everything and will allow you to see all the clients who took a reservation for your group courses.


Browsing in the reservation schedule of ExtraClub is designed to make your life easier thanks to its advanced functions.


Fitness software: iPhone reservation, online reservation, touch-screen terminal reservation (iPad)


Save time with the various types of reservation

Are you wasting too much time picking up the phone and taking reservations? Do you have time to deal with reservations made via email? ExtraClub is the solution you need! Our software offers new modes of reservation so that the front desk is not overloaded. It will also help you optimize your time.


In addition to the reservations made over the phone, you can choose to enable online reservation and mobile reservation thanks to the ExtraClub iPhone application.


If your fitness center is very busy, we can set up touch terminals at the front desk so that clients can reserve on site.


Fitness software: Manage members


Member's profiles

When you create a member's profile with ExtraClub, you can add custom fields to complete the basic information. This data will allow you to easily customize your e-mailing and other communication campaigns related to the promotion of your fitness center.

Fitness software: access control system, access using smart cards, member cards


Access control systems to access the facilities

Our access control solutions using smart cards are the best option for fitness centers. Thanks to this, you will save time when welcoming clients. Instead of waiting in line at the front desk, they will just have to swipe or beep their smart card to enter.

The access control system also allows you to check if the client's subscription is still valid and if he or she has actually made a reservation for a group course.

Fitness software: manage the cash register, the shop and the refreshment area


Point of sale management

Does your fitness center have a refreshment area and/or a shop? No problem! ExtraClub can also manage all the aspects linked to the cash register (invoicing, tickets, credit notes, refunds, etc.)

Video demontration of the fitness version of ExtraClub
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ExtraClub, the fitness center management solution, includes the management of group classes, members' profiles as well as the management of cash registers and access control systems using smart cards.