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Online tennis court reservation (or via our iPhone application), player community (search for partners and directory)... ExtraClub makes the life of your members easy!

Reserve a tennis court with your iPhone or your computer

Tennis management software: Reserving a tennis court online or with the iPhone application

With ExtraClub, players can easily reserve online using their computers, but they can also use the ExtraClub iPhone application. These modes of reservation allow players to quickly see when the courts are available so they do not have to call. This is the ideal solution for clients who are used to the immediacy of the Internet and who want to fully enjoy sport.

If you choose to enable the iPhone reservation, your tennis players will be allowed to reserve a court when leaving work, at lunch break or at any other time! Choosing mobility will make both your life and the life of regular players easier!


Develop the community around your tennis club

Tennis management software: Searching for a partner for a tennis game

Search for a partner

ExtraClub has a function allowing players to specify they are looking for a partner to play. This function is very useful for the new players in your club. If they want to play but don't know who to play with, they only need to specify their availability, level, etc. in the "Search for partner" tool. This feature allows new players to get in touch with each other in order to help them integrate to the club easily but also to earn their loyalty. These classifieds can be read by all the members of the club and their life span is limited, so they are always relevant.


Tennis management software: Member directory

Members' directory

This other major element of ExtraClub's social features is meant to extend the life of the club beyond tennis games thanks to the Internet. The members' directory allows members to communicate easily and create links between each other. Another good point is that members spend more time at the club, boosting points of sale such as refreshment areas or snack bars.

Watch the demo videos of ExtraClub, the tennis software solution.
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ExtraClub – Tennis management software solution. Reserve tennis courts online or via the ExtraClub iPhone application. The ExtraClub social component allows you to create a player community revolving around your tennis club.