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Reservation, schedule, advanced management of members, sales activity, secure access control... ExtraClub is designed to serve your tennis club.


Tennis software solution: Optimized schedule, planning of the use of courts

Optimized schedule for tennis: manage types of reservations and resources

The ExtraClub schedule was built following the advice of people involved in the world of tennis and its functions got better thanks to the comments of our clients.


Tennis software solution: management of the members' schedule and lessons

Plan ahead who is using the courts

With ExtraClub, you can easily manage the various types of reservations for the various types of resources. In a tennis club, there are many types of reservations such as reservations for members, non-members, people taking lessons or taking part in competitions and much more. Our system takes care of all this and plans ahead who is using the courts.


Tennis software solution: Setting up rules to organize reservations

Organize reservations

You can also organize the lessons of both members and non-members according to rules you will define. You can set up any rules, even if they are unusual! ExtraClub fits to all your needs.
ExtraClub will make your life easy thanks to the many functions it offers (such as drag/drop, repeat reservation, etc.)


Tennis software solution: Reservation via Interent, iPhone or touch-screen terminals (iPads)

New modes of reservation

In order to avoid long waiting lines at the front desk and make the access to the club easy for the players, you can choose to enable online reservation and reservation via the iPhone ExtraClub application. You can also choose to put up touch-screen terminals at the front desk so your members can reserve on-site.


Tennis software solution: Member management

Advanced member profile: organize the information you need so you can process it

The members' profiles in ExtraClub are very exhaustive but you can also add custom fields. As a result, you will be able to store the data you need and process it to improve your tennis club. Thanks to this tool, you will have all the information required to custom your emails, text messages and direct mailings but also to edit documents for your general meetings, to print lists of members and to export statistics.

For special events (for instance, a party at the club), you can also create a custom field with a limited life span to list subscribers. You have all the tools to communicate efficiently with your members!


Tennis software solution: sales activity, bar, restaurant, shop

Sales activity

ExtraClub manages your sales activity. Thanks to our tennis software solution, organize your sales easily if your clubs has a refreshment area or a shop. Manage payments for reservations and tennis lessons.

The tennis software solution allows you to follow up on the payment of calls for contribution. And, to make it even easier, you can also enable the online payment so you can retrieve the payment of contributions online instead of going to the bank to cash all the checks.


Tennis software solution: access control system, secured access, smart-card access

Access control of the premises

Do you want to make the access to your club secure? Our tennis software solution enables you to manage the access control. In order to avoid vandalism or potential theft in the locker rooms, an access system using smart cards can be put up and associated to ExtraClub.

The access control system can also help you prevent people from taking reservations and not paying for it and, to penalize players who did not show up.

Discover our tennis software solution in action
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With ExtraClub, the Tennis management software solution, manage the reservations of tennis courts, manage your schedules easily, manage your members’ information as well as your sales activity (refreshment area, subscriptions, shop). Members can reserve online, via an iPhone or on a touch-screen terminal.